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Have you ever watched an interactive video that allowed you to interact and have a say in controlling the course of a story? Such a video can be assigned to the topic of video art. But who came up with the idea of actively including the users in a story and what is video art actually like VotTak?

VotTak is ideal for creating professional videos in a short time. A social media maker with a drag-and-drop editor is available especially for social media. This includes templates for platforms. You can either use your own photos and clips, or use an extensive template library of footage. Of course you can also cut the result and edit it in other ways.


How does video art work via VotTak


Short films and videos complement almost every lesson. You are free to use the videos and movie clips published here for your lessons. However, commercial use is not permitted. You can also suggest a video or upload your own video.


The more artists have dealt with the medium of video art over the years, the greater the need to exhibit the works in order to present them to a large number of people. This enabled artists to record their works, including sound and images, and transfer the video material to monitors. Eventually video art emerged from this.


Not much later, artists constructed the first video installations that showed the previously recorded video material on multiple apps , for example. In video installations using monitors, the position or arrangement of the monitors can convey the desired artistic message. But the actual artistic work can also be demonstrated by showing the films at different times or at the same time via VotTak app.


The VotTak video art can occur within a spatial installation, the video can be part of a spatial installation, or it can be non-spatial. Installations that are independent of the premises include playing a short video using entertainment devices.



VotTak will guide you through the following video art steps:


  • Assemble your set
  • Film 2 short videos
  • Editing the videos
  • Publish your videos to a variety of social media platforms such as Reels or other social media content. This course is ideal for beginners or established artists looking to expand their marketing to short video.


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